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A staircase into the pool

The room where I’m setting up my workshop was originally going to be a small swimming pool. For this reason, there is a pool here. This is 6x3m large and 175 to 195 cm deep. Of course I want to use this space, otherwise it would be a pity. So I had to build a staircase. I used Sketchup to plan the stairs and generated my shopping list.

It’s just a few boards screwed together. For the strings and steps I used 300x28x4 cm boards. The steps are 100 cm wide and rest on 6×4 cm KVH battens. As you can see in the photo, under one of the strings is a small piece of scrap wood, since the pool is slightly sloping.

The finished staircase is attached to 10×10 cm KVH, which in turn is attached to the wall with steel angles. As always, everything is as simple as possible.

You can download the Sketchup plan here.

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