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Pressure caps for Bessey REVO KRE(V)

I am currently gluing the table top for our new dining room table. I’m using the Bessey REVO KRE body clamps for this. Two pressure caps are included with the clamps so that the wood lies straight and is not damaged by the rippels of the clamps. The problem, however, is that two pieces are not enough when the board gets wider. So I quickly went to the computer and searched on Thingiverse for the parts. Theoretically, I also found some, but practically the two hits did not fit from the size. I uploaded one of the parts to Tinkercad and remixed it. Then off to the 3D printer and there we go.
Now I have perfectly fitting pressure caps.

If you want the caps and have a 3D printer, you can get them here:
Thingiverse Bessey Pressure Cap

The pressure caps fit, among others, the following parallel clamps:

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