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Let’s go! New Blog – new luck!

And another one 🙈
As if there weren’t already enough blogs, YouTube and Instagram channels, websites and what else on the topics of DIY, handicrafts or whatever the topics are all called.

Why? Because:

I started building a small workshop in my basement in 2019. I had a whole bunch of DIY projects ahead of me and as it always is, “small” then pretty fast becomes quite large. Especially if you regularly watch various DIY YouTube channels like I do, the “wanna have” factor comes into play in no time. Not to mention the increased demands on your own projects during the crafting.

Now I’m not a Youtuber and so my workshop is still a means to an end for me and not a showpiece like others. When I build something for my workshop, I almost always take the most pragmatic approach possible. Hence the name of this blog.

During this tinkering, I have always found solutions that I think could also help other DIYers and that are or were usually nowhere to be found. So this is not about the 35th 1:1 replica of a GTS 10 cross cut sled or the thousandth instruction how to build the same French-Cleat wall. There are already more than enough instructions on the net. What I present here and on my Instagram channel are my ideas on how to approach things pragmatically and simply.

As I said before: the workshop is a means to an end for me and not the purpose itself.

Of course, I will also present you one or the other project of mine. But please don’t expect too much from me, neither in quality nor in quantity. DIY is just a hobby, not my profession. I am a software developer, not a carpenter 😏
If you want pro tips, you can find them on other channels. I will surely publish a list of all the channels I follow and why I do it.

If you want to stay up to date, you can check out my Instagram channel, where I always post when there is something new from me. You can find me at

But now have fun browsing my blog!

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